CONFUCIUS (a Chinese philosopher) said
"At 15 my heart was set on learning.
At 30 I stood firm.
At 40 I have no doubts.
At 50 I knew the mandate of heaven."

I am 40 years old now.
I wonder what stage in life I'm on.
Still, I don't stand firm as CONFUCIUS did at 30.

I would like to have the ability to stand for myself.
I'd better to train myself from the ground up.

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I've started organizing rooms of my house, and I want to keep every room well-organized.
If you organize your place, your mind would be well-organized, too.

When you try to organize a room, it is important to decide what should be kept,where it should be kept.
You can learn how to do it from "5S" methodology.

"5S" includes five Japanese words :SEIRI,SEITON,SEISO,SEIKETSU,SHITSUKE.
These meanings are below.

[SEIRI] sorting
[SEITON] set in order
[SEISO] sweeping
[SEIKETSU] standardizing
[SHITSUKE] sustaining

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